Pot 2 – The American Pick Makers Pot

Shipping:From USA, international shipping included
Contributed by:PickSmith, Doktor Weasel, MrPickur, LockpickingDev, Ratyoke, Jeff Burke, JoePicks
What’s in the Pot:An amazing collection of custom picks from 7 American pick makers pulled together by PickSmith. At least 5 of the picks feature Chechen wood in the handle.
-Doktor Weasel: Tatgua Nut, Chechen, and Brass
-MrPickur: Rosewood, Chechen, and Brass
-Ratyoke: Ebony and Chechen
-PickSmith: Chechen and silver dot inlay
-LockpickingDev: Chechen and brass dot
-Jeff Burke: Claro Walnut Burl, brass rectangular tubing, copper liner
-JoePicks: Chechen and LLT steel