Pot 38 – Luso-German Double Triple Dare Box

Shipping:From Portugal, $15 towards international shipping
Contributed by:Peaceweapon, Moon-UA
What’s in the Pot:Portuguese Triple Dare Challenge Set
– Set of 3 CLs, based on identical DOM cylinders (varying difficulty), DOMt DARE series: “Doubt”, “Dread”, and “Despair”
– 2 double euro cylinders to use as base CLs, one with 2 working keys, one with a working key and a blank
– 1 meter of 3mm brass rod in 20cm sections
– A box of 6 figure 2, 2.3mm burs for countermilling
– M3, M3.5, and M4 taps and handle
– Bags of grub screws (M3.5, M4, x50)
– 2 engraving tips of different sizes for dremel
– Shims x5
– Replacement springs x15
– Blank tags x4
– 2 sheets of sandpaper, 600 and 1000 grit
– Peace sticker
– Rein tray
– Small bag of replacement E-clips and brass C-clips
– Mystery prize

German Triple Dare Lock Set
– Evva Dual euro module, 1 key, mastered (Red)
– Kaba Quattro keyless, 16 pins (Black)
– Corona M, nasty keyway (Green)