Pot 3 – E-Locksmith #1 — MegaPro

Shipping:From Australia, international shipping included (sans import tax)
Contributed by:E-Locksmith
What’s in the Pot:MegaPro Pinning Kit containing:
-LAB Colour coded bottom pins 0-9 (75 pins of each size)
-Bottom Pin #10 (20 pins)
-Colour coded master pins 2-9 (20 pins of each size)
-Large Springs (Qty: 50) – Suits 201, 570 and more
-Small Springs (Qty: 50) – Suits 530 and more
-Top Pins S-M-L (20 pins of each size)
-Security (Serrated) Top Pins S-M-L (10 pins of each size)
-Spool Top Pins S-M-L (10 pins of each size)
-Standard Shim (5 pack)
-Extra Thin Shim (5 Pack)
-Cam Screws – suits 570 and more (10 screws)
-Universal Follower – Solid Aluminium OR LFT001 Nylon Follower (If you have a preference please message me prior to ordering)
-Lock Pinning Tweezers
-Key Blanks – 1 of each key blank (LW4, LW5, TE2, CB34R, YA1E) (Silca numbering)
-2 x pairs of pre-cut keys – 1 x pair LW4 and 1 x pair LW5
-Fischer Plastic Case – 31 Compartment with radius base making it easier to get pins out (305mmW x 170mmD x 33mmH)
-These pins are a standard size that fit in many other brands such as Kwikset, Whitco, Schlage, Yale, Carbine, Brava and many more.